FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Who are you?

Just a simple child of God that desires to be of service. You can call me Gordie or Gordon. Whichever rolls off your tongue easier!

How can you be contacted?

Please use the comment form for all inquiries. It keeps things simple. Thank you!

How is this supported?

For the foreseeable future, I have a significant amount of time to donate to this service. Also, a small church website is not likely to use up a lot of bandwidth. This allows me to "sub-host" quite a number of small "websites" for a low fee. This is a ministry and I can handle the load (I cast my cares upon Him you see!). If this grows then I will ask the Lord how to proceed. If I have an ulterior motive, it is most likely the desire to leave something meaningful behind after my days are over.

How do I find out how to get a free website for our church?

Click here for more information

I already have a website name but my website really needs replacing

We can host a site for you. You will need access to the web service that controls your name-servers. After I initialize your site, I will send you the name server changes. If this makes no sense to you at all, I will help you through the process. Write me an email.