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Pray for the
peace of Jerusalem - photographs and descriptions of the Middle East

Christian Action for Israel
Jewish and Israel News
Israeli Weather and News
Jewish Calendar
Hebrew Tutorial


Prayer Closet

  The Prayer Foundation -Celtic Christian Links
Lord, Teach Us How To Pray - Prayer Ministry
Prayer in Particular Situations

Prayers for Various Occasions

Scriptural Growth

  God's Yellow Pages
The Bible on One Sheet of Paper
Christian Research Service
God's Name - A Strong Tower
Early Christian Writings
Flood Stories from Around the World
The Mystery of God vs the Mystery of Iniquity


Spiritual Struggles

  Suicide Prevention - Read this NOW if you are suicidal
Internet Accountability and Filtering service


Technical Corner

  Scott's PA System Tutorial
Power Point Basic Tutorial

How Domain Name Servers Work



Dave Mendoza - Free Music Downloads    Home page - Great tab selection
Midi Hymns in zip file Download here (645 kBytes)