The Mystery of God
The Mystery of Iniquity

And in those days… the Mystery of God which He proclaimed to His servants, the prophets will be accomplished. Revelation 10:7

For the Mystery of Iniquity doth already work….. 2 Thessalonians 2:7

A scriptural study of the Glory of God vs. the personification of evil
John Martin Kachelmyer



A Personal Word From the Author

This book is the result of years of asking questions. Even as a child I was full of questions-questions which were not answered at school. This curiosity carried over into my Christian life, and the day I encountered Jesus Christ, I began to ask a whole new set of questions. My pastor told me, frankly, he didn’t know the answers; so I began to ask my questions of the Lord Himself and to study His Word, always shunning off-center, deviant, or sensational doctrines and trends which tickle the ear but have no satisfying substance.

The Lord hasn’t always responded to my questions immediately, but He has always responded. Some answers were years in coming: but I must make it clear these answers always came from the Bible. There is no present source of revelation apart from Scripture. Even in Jesus would appear to me (which He has not), what He says must agree with His Word. (Gal. 1:8). I am wary of those who claim some special revelation, or build doctrines on faulty foundations, and then call any who do not agree with them false prophets and teachers.

You will note, then the extensive use of scriptures references throughout this book—almost 600 of them. Rather than print the verses out in detail and interfere with the flow of the text, I have chose to let the reader look them up—except where their quotation is an integral part of the text. The NT verses I have quoted are, in most cases, my own literal translation from the Greek, which varies from most of our English translations, more often than one would expect. Hours and days were spent checking each verse against the original. It is astounding how frequently English translations are based on the theological perspectives of the translators. Words are added, words are subtracted, words are changed; the same Greek word is frequently translated several different ways, or different words translated with the same English word depending on the doctrinal slant. Considering myself neither Catholic or Protestant, nor having an affiliation with any denomination, I feel I have no particular slant to uphold. I only want to know what the Holy Spirit is saying to us through the Word.

Chapters have been kept short for study purposes. The reader must understand that by no means has each subject in this book been exhausted. There is much more that could be written. This volume is really only an introduction to the topic of spiritual warfare. But enough material has been presented and sufficient verses supplied to enable one to do further study on one’s own.

This book may thrill some and enrage others. For many, much of this teaching will be difficult to assimilate because it is so different from what is generally taught. Likewise, there are some who will be unable to agree with all I have written. Therefore, above all, I wish to make it clear this material is not presented dogmatically. It is presented for the reader’s consideration. I am convinced of the truth and logic of what I have written, but only God is infallible—as I will point out in the pages ahead. The gospel, too, is presented to humanity for our consideration. It is not forced on anyone. Neither is it my intention force this material on anyone. Please accept it in that spirit.

John Martin Kachelmyer
Box 511
Belen, NM 87002

January 1990



1. Setting the Foundation
2. God’s Form and Creative Activity
3. God and E=mc2
4. Intelligent Life in Outer Space
5. The Origins of Evil
6. War in the Universe
7. Why Did God…?
8. Adam and Eve: Facing the Test
9. The Two Seeds
10. Sons of God and Daughters of Adam
11. Dealing with the Corruption: the Flood
12.Another Attempt at Forbidden Fruit
13. Narrowing the Field
14. The Deliverer Arrives
15. More Worms in the Apple
16. Kingdom Parables
17. The Seven Churches I
18. The Seven Churches II
19. The Seven Churches III
20. The Seven Churches IV
21. Preparations for the Antichrist
22. Signs and Warnings
23. The Tribulation: Here or There
24. Characteristics of the Antichrist
25. Dragon and Beast
26. Historical Correlations I
27. Historical Correlations II
28. Hunters and Shepherds
29. Riding the Beast
30. Man’s Response to the Spirit
31. Man’s invitation to the Antichrist
32. Refusing the Mark
33. The Mystery Triumphs