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Chapter 10 – Sons of God and Daughters of Adam

          The enemy now realized the coming of the Deliverer was at some unknown date in the future. Eve was not the woman. It would be some other woman. As he pondered God’s pronouncement (in Gen 3:15) he realized that he had also misjudged the time as being immediate. The time was not right because his seed was to engage in battle with the seed of the woman. That meant that he, too, would produce a man-child who would do battle with the Holy One and, perhaps, only then did he begin to get  a glimmer of understanding that the promised seed would be begotten of God Himself.

          No doubt that understanding (of the seed begotten of God versus the seed begotten of himself) gave him inspiration for his next plan of attack. We must keep in mind that Satan’s chief goal since the time of Adam and Eve has been:

1.      To prevent the coming of the Deliverer

2.      After He came, to disable Him by enticing Him out of the Father’s will, or if that failed, to kill Him

3.      To prevent His return to this earth as king


It seems doubtful that many Christians realize this. Satan is thought of as some kind of infernal nuisance who derives his chief pleasure from going around bothering people. Far from it. His only goal has always been to frustrate the plan of God, specifically with regard to the One who would take his kingdom from him, since that is what he wants to protect at all costs. That was the original issue at Eden and has remained so through the centuries following. I emphasize this because it must be understood what the real battle is about in the spiritual world (with the fall-out we receive from it in the material world). We are all involved in that battle, too: not because Satan is mad and likes to annoy us, but because if he could prevent the birth of the promised One; if he could destroy Israel; and if he could destroy the Church, God could not bring forth His kingdom to supersede Satan’s. If one can view everything that occurred in the Bible from this perspective long with all that has taken place in history, one will arrive at an understanding of why things have happened the way they have. As just one example note ho Herod tried to kill the baby Jesus. How many Christians and non-Christians alike think of that incident only as of a jealous king attempting to protect his power. Indeed, it was a jealous king attempting to protect his position and power, but that king was Satan: the real power and mover behind the incident. Satan frequently uses willing humans to carry out his schemes: humans who have some self-serving attitude or defect that fits well with his plans.

          Other examples during Jesus’ lifetime were Judas, Pilate, and the Jewish leaders. Subsequent history is loaded with others, the most outstanding in our own time being Hitler, who tried to destroy the Jews, and Stalin (along with subsequent communist leaders) who attempted to wipe out the Christians. Again I emphasize that we must recognize who we are dealing with—who is behind these evil incidents in history---and why.

          Now, I was saying that when Satan realized the promised seed would be begotten of God Himself, and that he, too, would sire an offspring, it gave him inspiration for his next plan: a plan, which if successful, would make it impossible for the deliverer to be born of a human woman. The carrying out of that plan, and God’s response to it, is recorded in Genesis chapter 6.

When men ([literally The Adam] i.e. the offspring of Adam) began to multiply on the face of the ground and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were good, and they took to wife such of them as they chose (most translations say “…the daughters of men were fair,” but the word is good, unspoiled: which means more in the light of subsequent events)

          What do these verses mean? They mean that Satan sent great numbers of his angels down to earth to assume human form and cohabit with mortal women, producing children who were half human and half demon. Why? Because if the entire human race could be adulterated or mongrelized with demons it would be impossible, even for God, to bring forth His Son through a mixed, human-demon woman. Satan saw how easily the entire plan of God could be frustrated.

          Could such a thing be possible? Many shrug it off as pure mythology, saying the sons of God were merely the godly offspring of Seth. If that were so what is the point of the entire account? And now that it is mentioned: what about mythology? Where did all those stories come from? From clever story tellers or from romanticized versions of actual events? Note how frequently in mythology the theme appears of gods coming down to earth in human or other form. Nor are these gods presented as pure, or holy, or righteous as is our God, but rather somewhat man-like though possessing supernatural powers. Fallen might be a good word to describe them. They are jealous, arrogant, angry, vindictive, capricious, scheming, and the like. We are not going to take mythology, however, as any kind of base for teaching. I am only pointing out that there has been more frequent contact between the fallen angels and man than is commonly supposed, and the demon idols so often seen in oriental temples may be closer to true representations than most realize.

          So, let us see if there are biblical grounds for believing that fallen angels came to earth, took human form, engaged in sexual relations with human women, and produced a mixed race.

          First of all, to what does the term “sons of God” refer?

1.      Adam. In the genealogy of Lk 3:38 Adam is called the son of God since he was a direct creation of God.

2.      Jesus Christ is the Son of God

3.      The angels. Job 38:7 says at the creation the sons of God shouted for joy. See also Job 1:6, 2:1 where the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord

4.      The Israelites Deut 14:1

5.      The redeemed Rom 9:26, 8:14, Gal 4:5-7

The sons of God in Gen 6:1 obviously cannot refer to Adam or Jesus; nor can it refer to the redeemed or to Israel. All that remains is the fallen angels, which will be obvious from further examination of the passage.

          But some will object, the angels neither marry nor are given in marriage. A closer look at Mt 22:30 shows, however, that Jesus did not just say angels, but qualified those who do not marry as being:

1.      The angels of God, and

2.      The angels of God in heaven

This distinguishes them from the fallen angels whose primary place of dwelling is no longer in the third heaven, nor are they considered angels of God.

          Another objection says the angels are spirit beings and have no mechanism for mating with human women. Yet, we note in Gen 18:1ff that God sent angels on a mission to earth in which they took human form, even to the point of eating food. Abraham had a meal prepared for them and they ate and drank. We know that they were angels because, though they are referred to in 18:22 as men because they were in that form (but the word men is not the same word used for offspring of Adam), in 19:1, 15 they are specifically called angels. If in materializing and taking human form they had the mechanism for eating and digesting food, then we cannot think it too impossible for fallen angels to materialize and procreate. (see note at end of chapter 11.)

          The clincher is in Jude, verses 6-7. “The angels that did not keep to their place of origin but deserted their spiritual state have been kept by God under darkness in everlasting chains for the great day of judgment; just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which in the same manner as these [angels] gave themselves over to fornication and indulged in unnatural lust, are set forth as an example in undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.” We note the following:

1.      These angels did not stay where they were supposed to: their proper dwelling place where they originally came from

2.      They deserted their spiritual state (or bodies) for earthly bodies. The usual translation reads, “…[who] left their own habitation.” The word translated habitation is used only one other time in the N.T. and that is in 2 Cor 5:2 where it is translated in various versions as: our house which is from heaven, our heavenly dwelling, dwelling from heaven, etc. “For in this we groan, longing to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling.” In the context of 2 Cor 5:1-2 it is obvious the word refers to a spiritual body or resurrection body: the body we will have in heaven. Therefore, the angels left their heavenly, spiritual bodies, and took earthly bodies contrary to nature.

3.      They came to earth and engaged in illicit sexual relations of an unnatural kind,  just as (like-wise, or in the same manner as) Sodom did, since it is not natural for angel to mate with human

4.      These angels were made an example of by being bound in chains and thrown into hell before the proper time, to await the day of judgment.

To emphasize once more: these angels left the arca above the earth where they were appointed to dwell; they left their angelic, spiritual “bodies”; they took material bodies instead; and they came down to earth, not just on a trip (since angels, both good and bad, travel back and forth continually) but to abandon their spirit state, take human form, and stay. (the scripture gives other examples of angels materializing in solid, functioning bodies.) They mated with human women (whom they observed to be good i.e. uncorrupted) to fulfill Satan’s purposes of so corrupting womankind and adulterating the human race as to make it impossible for God to beget His Son through a woman of Adam’s race. This was an unnatural and forbidden action. As a result, God bound those angels in chains and cast them into hell ahead of the appointed day of judgment as an example to all the rest not to do this or to try it again. It must have terrified the rest, though there is good evidence it was attempted once more in ancient times and, perhaps, even in modern times on limited occasions with or without success. (They are still terrified. In Mt 8:28ff the demons asked Jesus, “Have you come to torment us before the time?”) We do know that Satan will produce a son by a woman and that son will be the Antichrist. There are many who are convinced the child has already been born.

          We should note here one other point of evidence. Who were the giants spoken of in the KJ translation? (Gen 6:4) First of all we should be aware that the word translated giant is Nephilim. There are no grounds whatsoever for translating Nephilim as giants, and doing so has caused all kinds of misconceptions. Newer translations have left the word as Nephilim. But who are they? The word itself means “the fallen ones,” which fits the wicked angels well [Cf. Young’s Concordance]

          Verse 6:4 states, “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days.” Why does it say on the earth? It would not have said the daughters of Adam were on the earth. Where else would they be? But it was to make it clear that the Nephilim were somewhere they were not naturally supposed to be: on the earth.

          What did God do about this state of affairs? The answer lies in the account of another great judgment.

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