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Chapter 31 - Inviting the Antichrist

          As we have seen, the Mystery of Iniquity will manifest itself in the person of the Antichrist at the time predetermined according to the will of God; for it is He who removes the restraints hindering the appearance of Satan’s seed. We have seen, too, that his coming was foretold on the day Adam and Eve sinned: that he would be destroyed by the Deliverer, Jesus, the seed of the woman.

          Iniquity (lawlessness) is, indeed, a mystery. Why does it exist in a world governed by a righteous, loving God? But we have already seen that the righteousness and love of God requires evil to run its full course. To squash it shows only the power and strength of God, not His righteousness, holiness, and love. We ourselves are required to manifest this same attitude. Jesus commanded us to love our enemies, do good to those who hate us, bless those who curse us and to pray for those who slander us. If someone strikes you on the cheek, offer him the other. If someone takes your coat, offer him your shirt. If we do so we shall be considered sons of the Most High Lk 6:27-30, 35 (What father does not want his sons and daughters to emulate him?) Paul adds to this that we are to bless those who persecute us; we are not to repay evil with evil; we are never to avenge ourselves but let God deal with it. If our enemy is hungry we are to feed him; if he is thirsty we are to give him something to drink. Above all, we are not to be conquered by evil, but to conquer evil with good. Rom 12:14-21

          Peter goes on to tell us that Jesus left us an example of longsuffering and we should follow in His steps. He did not try to fight back against His accusers and tormentors but He entrusted himself to His Father who judges rightly. 1 Pet. 2:21-23 So then, Jesus did not attempt to justify Himself; to defend Himself; to threaten; to use His power and authority to call on twelve legions of angels to rescue Him; nor to come down from the cross when taunted. He trusted in the Father to vindicate Him—trusted that in doing so, evil would be turned to good—not that evil becomes good, but that good triumphs over evil. And because Jesus was obedient in everything, the Father did vindicate Him in raising Him from the dead to triumph over the gates of hell and all the evil forces of the enemy. In these short verses in Peter we see in miniature, as it were, a perfect view of God’s dealings from start to finish with evil. Good conquers over evil not through lashing back at it, but through patient love, endurance, and righteousness. One must realize, then, that these statements of Jesus, Paul, and Peter are the key to understanding God’s methods of dealing with the entire mystery of iniquity. God is allowing evil to run its full course so that the righteous might be more righteous and the filthy even more filthy—and that all will know the difference. Rev 22:11 The righteousness of the righteous and the wickedness of the wicked will both peak at the same time. Then God can deal with both.

          (It must be made clear that God’s love is directed toward humanity, not toward Satan. Satan cannot be redeemed. When we are told to bless our enemies it does not refer to Satan and his demons. It does mean that Jesus behaved this way toward His enemies and, once again, we are not to overcome evil with evil but to emulate Him. There is a higher calling. We do not overcome Satan’s evil with evil, either.)

          Many of the judgments of God result from the withholding of His hand of protection and blessing rather than His actively sending punishment. The forces of evil are always ready to strike where they can. If we do not stay under the protection of the Covenant of the Blood of Jesus we are wide open for attack. If I foolishly walk down a dark street at night in an area known to be infested with criminals I can hardly complain when I am attacked, beaten, and robbed.  But, unless I am a complete fool, I will never enter that dark area of the city again—at least not without protection. The Blood of Jesus is our protection and it is urgent we stay under that Covenant at all times.

          Many regard AIDS to be a judgment of God. Yet, AIDS is a result of mankind’s rebellion towards God’s laws against sexual promiscuity—as are all venereal diseases. The coming economic collapse will be brought on by greed, as were other such calamities in the past. The present crime and drug epidemics are likewise caused by greed in the unscrupulous, plus failure to teach morality to the youth, coupled with a lack of God-ordained parental affection and discipline. The pursuit of pleasure will eventually bring on the destruction of America by corruption within and from enemies without. These judgments are brought on not so much by the activity of God as the passivity: His removing His hand of protection and blessing, thus letting satanic forces loose to do what they will. 1Kng 22:19-23, 1Sam 16:14 For those who plead His protection and come under the Covenant of the Blood of Jesus there is security. Yet, it is inevitable that the righteous frequently suffer fallout from the actions of the wicked.

          Therefore, we must understand that on one side of the coin we see it is God who removes the restraints for the entrance of the Antichrist; but on the other side we see that mankind participates in the wrath of God which ensues for the very reason that man himself has invited the coming of the Antichrist. Jesus and Paul spoke of filling up the measure of sin with the resultant provoking of God’s wrath. Mt23:32ff, 1Thes2:16 Paul also spoke of Jesus having been born, “When the fullness of time was come.” Gal 4:4 Likewise, the Antichrist comes in the fullness of his time: when the measure of iniquity is full.

          I’m sure the average Christian—if he or she thinks about it at all—believes the Antichrist will be forced on humanity: that Satan, in a mighty surge of evil power, will overwhelm the world and unleash the dreaded great tribulation. This is not exactly the case. It is unfortunate said Christian does not realize the extent and intent of great numbers of men, women, and even children who are actively inviting Satan to come and manifest himself in power and who are willing to help him do so. When the Antichrist does appear, it will be partially, if not totally, because of the prayers of Satan’s loyal, devoted followers. It was God’s intent to restrain evil and spare mankind the curse of Satan’s full reign. But with so many clamoring for the Antichrist’s coming, God says if this is what humanity wants, then let them have it—and He removes the restraints allowing evil to break forth in all its bestial, terrifying power. It is a sort of paradoxical answer to their prayers. Is 26:9-10 (remember I said earlier that evil must be shown to be evil, and the only way to do that is to let it happen.)

          Newspapers, magazines, books, news, and TV talk shows are nowadays so thoroughly exposing Satanism with its degrading rituals and human sacrifice that I need not take up space recounting further lurid, grisly details. I will merely emphasize there are untold thousands, perhaps millions, actively worshiping Satan and praying for the appearance of his christ. Therefore, when he does come, mankind will receive as their due the plagues, terrors, and judgments associated with the great tribulation. Note in Rev 16:5-7 how it is mankind God holds responsible for His judgments at that point, not Satan or the Antichrist:

You are just in your judgments O holy One who are and who were, because men have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink. They deserve it! And I heard the altar reply “Yes, O Lord God Almighty, true and just are Your judgments.”

The manifestation of the Antichrist is not something Satan could have pulled off by himself. Members of Adam’s race, through deliberate malice aforethought, aligned themselves with the archenemy of God, fully knowing who he was and who they were abetting. Contrary to the will of God which is freedom, they have set out to intentionally deliver mankind into Satan’s hands; they willfully desire the enslavement of mankind; they purposefully set themselves against God; and they maliciously persecute God’s people with the intention of wiping them from the face of the earth. Through Jesus, God made provision for the deliverance of mankind from Satan’s bondage, but these agents of the enemy tirelessly labor to hand the race back over to Satan. This is an unspeakable evil and when God’s judgments fall, it is their due.

          That they do this is not a fanciful supposition on my part. A close associate in our ministry was eating in a restaurant in New Orleans with her family when they were approached by satanists who had entered the restaurant to witness in the same way some Christians might do, going from table to table. They were actively recruiting people for Satanism and showed our associate a printed prospectus for the year 1988 of a six point, world-wide program, to be accompanied by fasting and prayer(!):

1.     That the Antichrist will manifest himself soon.

2.     That ministers, leaders, and missionaries would fall

3.     That ministries and works of God would be destroyed

4.     That Christians would become complacent; want peace over and above all; and seek churches that do not preach a full gospel, with pastors that keep peace no matter what the sin.

5.     That Christians cease their fasting and prayer.

6.     That the gifts of the Holy Spirit be ignored. (It seems the satanists know more about the importance of the gifts of the Spirit than some Christians.)

Their goals were clear. They knew exactly what they were doing and what they wanted to accomplish. (How many Christians know they are supposed to be standing daily with Jesus in prayer that His program and purposes might be fulfilled? Mt6:10 And how many Christians are standing against the gifts of the Holy Spirit, thus aligning themselves with Satan’s purposes?)

          Satanism is not limited to adults. My youngest son told me of a 14 year old boy in his class who openly worships Satan. He continually blasphemes God and praises Satan. Many of the kids at school are afraid of him. He sat behind my son on the bus one day, kept saying “Satan is lord,” and tried to put a curse on him.

          That men, women, and children could actually worship Satan, dedicate themselves to his service, fast and pray, offer animal and human sacrifices, violate children, and engage in all manner of unspeakable, vile, outrageous, degrading, disgusting, diabolical practices is beyond the comprehension of most ordinary people. Yet, as Christians we should not be too surprised. The Bible says, “This is the judgment: that the Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness rather than the Light because their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the Light and does not come to the Light, lest his deeds should be reproved.” Jn 3:19-20, 8:12

          Along with the satanists praying for the manifestation of the Antichrist are those working actively behind the scenes to bring about a one world government which can be delivered complete and entire to the Antichrist when he comes. These sinister forces have been working the past two hundred years to prepare the way for the kingdom of the beast. They intend to destroy the uniqueness of the United States government, making it merely one territory of many in a single world system. The United Nations is the perfect vehicle for this program (though the Antichrist will rule from Jerusalem, not New York).

          Added to the above is an endless parade of other unspeakable evils, all fueled by personal or national self-interest and the pursuit of pleasure: molestation and exploitation of children, including prostitution; buying and selling of children; the pornography trade; the drug trade; the overt destruction of family and morals through movies and TV. Then, as if any one of these alone would not be enough to incur the wrath of God, we have abortion. As was pointed out earlier, innocent blood always cries to God from the earth for vengeance:


The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground Gen 4:10


How long, O Lord, before you will judge and avenge our blood? Rev 6:9-10


…[so] that innocent blood be not shed in your land…and the guilt of blood be upon you…you shall purge the guilt of innocent blood…” Deut 19:10,13, 21:8-9,  Ex 23:7, Ps 106:38, Prov 6:16-17. Is 59:7, Joel 3:19


How well you plan your manner of looking for love, so that you have even taught your ways to wicked women. But on your clothing is found the blood of the lives of poor innocents Jer 2:33-34 Cf. Ps 10


Never before in the history of the world have we encountered sin of such magnitude as in these latter years of the 20th century. For this one sin of abortion alone we face a terrible judgment, not to mention the rest.

          Thirty years ago it was difficult to see how many parts of the book of Revelation could ever be literally fulfilled. Now we find ourselves standing on the very threshold, looking in.

Thrust in your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth for the grapes are ripe. And the angel swung his sickle onto the earth, gathered the grapes, and threw them into the great winepress of the wrath of God. Rev 14:18-19

Indeed, the crop of mankind’s wickedness is almost ripe and ready to be reaped. The harvest is upon us.


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